Release Note 20230228 is now available Feb 28th, 2023
  • BETA Releases:
  • DialogOne Connect Segment Export Data Integration
  • Google Ads Export Integration v2
  • GA Releases:
  • Treasure Data AutoML
  • Amazon S3 'Assume Role' Authentication and CLI Support
  • Reuse Integration Authentication
  • Treasure Data Journey Orchestration: Pause and Resume
  • Whatsapp via Axiata Digital
  • Treasure Insights Data Model UI
  • Updates:
  • Update geolocation database for Hive UDFs
  • Table Scan Performance Improvement on Hive
Release Note 20230131 Jan 31st, 2023
  • BETA Releases:
  • Activation Template
  • GA Releases:
  • Google Ads Remarketing Export Integration in Audience Studio
  • Hierarchical Profile UI Support
  • Viewing Activation History in Audience Studio
  • Cookie Consent Manager
  • Snapchat Export Integration