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Kaz ohta headshot Release Note 20170201 is now available Feb 1st, 2017
  • Console: Sidebar Collapse
  • Collection: Data Connector for Stripe
  • Collection: Pixel Tracking
  • Collection: td-agent v3.0.0 (Experimental)
  • Collection: Unreal Engine SDK
  • Collection: Filtering Columns for Data Connectors
  • Workflow: td_run Operator supports Query ID
  • Workflow: Amazon Redshift Operators
  • Workflow: td_load supports Secrets
  • Private Availability: Presto Resource Pool
  • Private Availability: Apache Spark Driver for Spark v2.1.0
Kaz ohta headshot Release Note 20170101 Jan 1st, 2017
  • Treasure BI: Lightweight BI Add-on
  • Collection: JavaScript SDK with Device Fingerprint
  • Workflow: The Workflow Console Now Shows Task Execution Timeline
  • Workflow: Running EMR Jobs (beta)
  • Workflow: Handle Frequently Running Workflows that Sometimes Take Too Long
  • Workflow: Added rename_table option to td_ddl operator
  • Collection: td-agent GPG key update
  • Collection: td-agent v2.3.4
  • Client: Python Client Library v0.8.0